Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chia Oatmeal for a High Fiber Low Calorie Breakfast

Chia Oatmeal for a High Fiber Low Calorie Breakfast
I bought this Simple Truth Organic Instant Chia Oatmeal at Kroger's because I'm always looking for healthy, nutritious things that taste good and that I can share with my readers here on Fat and Cranky.

Plus, I really like everything I've read about chia seeds and I look for ways to add it to my diet because it's such a great way to get more fiber.

I picked the maple and brown sugar flavor because the 'kid in me' screamed, "That one!"

Chia Oatmeal for a High Fiber Low Calorie Breakfast

I'll start with my opinion first, then I'll add my tips for ramping up the flavor a bit, and finally I'll cover a bit more of the nutrition info, but that's also shown in the image at the side.

How it Looked

When prepared according to the package directions, this product looks like pretty much any other instant oatmeal. In fact, it matched the inside of my beige microwaveable bowl so well I didn't bother taking a picture.

How it Tasted

For flavor, and this is the important part, in my opinion, it didn't really have a lot. It tasted very much the way I would expect organic oatmeal to taste, There was only a mild, almost indiscernible sweetness from the maple and brown sugar flavorings. Still, it was okay, just not quite exciting or pleasing.

Additions to Improve the Flavor

This product is so high in fiber, I REALLY wanted to enjoy it and keep it as a part of my regular diet, so I decided to look for ways to ramp up the flavor without adding TOO many extra calories. So, I added a lump of brown sugar, a pat of my favorite diet synthetic-butter, and a couple dashes of cinnamon. Adding these three things turned a VERY plain, bland breakfast into a really tasty meal.

How Was the Texture?

Okay, oatmeal isn't exactly known for its texture, and I rarely eat it because of that, but I have to say, the addition of chia seeds really helped! The chia added a texture similar to that of tapioca and an occasional crunch as well, to the mushiness of the oatmeal.

Nutrition Info on Simple Truth Organic Instant Chia Oatmeal

Just to sum up the basics, from the package, if prepared with water, this product provides you with a light breakfast (or snack) with 170 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein.


Overall, I really like this chia oatmeal product, though I prefer it with the additions I mentioned to give it a bit more flavor. Even with the pat of butter and brown sugar lump, it still provides a low calorie breakfast that is quick to make and convenient, too.

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