Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why Walking Is a Great Lazy-Day Exercise

After a hard workout yesterday, I wasn't feeling it to do another today, but I know myself well enough to know I would most likely quit completely if I start skipping days, so I decided on a light, lazy-day workout - a walk.

Why Walking Is a Great Lazy-Day Exercise image courtesy of Pixabay

Why Walking Is a Great Lazy-Day Exercise

There are so many great reasons to take a short walk for exercise, starting with its cardio benefits.

Walking is also convenient because you don't need a lot of extra gear to enjoy it.

You can walk indoors or out, so the weather doesn't effect your ability to enjoy it.

Walking is an instant mood-lifter.

It's easy to fit in fitness bursts of walking because you don't have to spend as long warming up and cooling down, though you certainly can throw in some stretching if you have time and enjoy it.

You can burn as much as 100 calories in a ten minute walk, and you can slip in as many ten minute walks as you want per day.

I actually did my Day 10, short walk with a fairly high intensity level, though I started with every intention of slacking, because once I started moving it was enjoyable and kind of fun. So, How are your fitness goals going so far? Laure J

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