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What on Earth Is HIIT Training?

I've been reading a lot about HIIT training and how it's the ultimate thing for blasting belly fat in my fitness magazines, but I haven't seen one specific definition for what it is, so I'm closing my mags and starting an online search so I can A) try it and B) share the info here on Fat and Cranky.

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What on Earth Is HIIT Training?

Okay, the letters HIIT stand for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it's also called HIIE for High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise, and SIT for Sprint Interval Training.

It is basically what I did in my Effective 20-Minute Beginner Workout, though at a slightly higher intensity level.

A HIIT session alternates cardio and anaerobic activity, like a dumbbell workout or isometrics, and, this part is great, a session usually lasts from a mere four minutes up to 30-minutes, which is also pretty short and doable, especially if you crank out your favorite music.

If you really get out of breath, you can even completely stop the activity during the anaerobic portions of a HIIT workout, or do some yoga stretches, which is a great way to avoid muscle soreness.

Should I try a HIIT workout?

As a perimenopausal woman who carries a lot of body fat, I find this fascinating, and I love that it is so close to what I have already started doing, and to the way I was trained to teach interval training back when I took the classes to become a certified personal trainer.

Because of my weight, though, I have my doubts about taking my workout intensity higher until I've talked to my doctor, though, so I'm going to keep my HIIT sessions customized to my fitness level.

HIIT burns off excess body weight without causing muscle loss and it ramps up your metabolism.

I've found it improves my mood.

It can be done in a small space - I am starting this fitness program i a very small space, behind closed doors because I want privacy as exercise.

How Often Should You Do HIIT Sessions?

Since this particular workout mode is new to me, even though what I am doing is similar, I'm going to refer to the suggestion of another site that shares info on HIIT workouts.

Starting out, Greatist recommends only doing HIIT sessions once per week for newbies, and then adding low-intensity cardio the other days for heart health. Advanced exercisers can enjoy HIIT sessions up to seven times per week according to the site.

Thanks for reading this article about HIIT workouts. If you have experience with them, please feel free to share in the comments section below.Laure J

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