Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ten Minute Seated Dumbbell Workout for Upper Body Strength

I'm mixing it up a lot this week on my exercise routines, because I want to share a lot of ideas and having new things to talk about here on Fat and Cranky keeps me motivated; today I went with a ten minute seated dumbbell workout to help build upper body strength.

Ten Minute Seated Dumbbell Workout for Upper Body Strength image courtesy of Pixabay

Ten Minute Seated Dumbbell Workout for Upper Body Strength

I warmed up as I normally would, with a few stretches and moving around a little bit to warm up my muscles, then I took a seat on a padded bench with no backrest.

I slowly went through a series of presses, stretching, bicep curls, stretching, and tricep extensions followed by stretching. I went through my simple set of dumbbell exercises a couple times until my ten minutes were up.

The Good and Surprising Things About a Seated Dumbbell Workout

What I liked about this routine was that it's a great alternative workout you can do if you have a hurt leg or any kind of lower-body limited mobility, or even just if you have sore legs from a hard lower body workout the day before.

What surprised me about this short workout was the intensity of it - by taking the lower part out of the workout, I found I focused more on my arms and chest muscles and got a more intense workout in a very short time - my muscles were actually burning and quivering in that short time span. 

Since I'm not doing pictures of my own yet to actually show you these exercises, I wanted to share a link to a web page that shows some of the exercises I'm talking about - Sport Fitness Advisor.

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