Sunday, January 8, 2017

Save Time With a Multi-Tasking Housework Exercise Routine

If you're having a hard time fitting exercise into your daily routine, consider combining your workout with your housework to accomplish two things at once, and you don't need ANY fitness gear to do it, either!

House Cleaning Exercise Routine
House Cleaning Exercise Routine image courtesy of Pixabay

Save Time With a Multi-Tasking Housework Exercise Routine

Your housework will be more fun, and just like that, you gained half an hour, or longer, in your day because you don't have to find extra time to exercise - your workout is done when the housework is finished!

  • Music: Just like this WebMD article suggests, it's great to turn on the radio or your favorite playlist in your MP3 player or smartphone so the music can help get you moving, inspire you, and entertain you as you work. 
  • Focus on Your Core Muscles: Pull your stomach in, tighten your glutes, and dip deeper into your thigh muscles as you clean to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles. 
  • Be Smart: If you're used to cleaning, but not exercising at the same time, remember to use extra caution when moving faster than normal or carrying heavier laundry baskets than normal - the extra activity and weight are good as far as exercise, but if you get hurt, it's going to block your fitness and health goals. 
  • Go Old-Fashioned: Whenever possible, if time allows of course, tackle cleaning tasks the way your great-grandmother would have - use the broom instead of the sweeper, wash dishes by hand instead of in the dishwasher, and take advantage of the chance to do squats for your leg muscles every time you have to put away something in a low drawer or cupboard. 
This type of multi-tasking is really great because it gives you two things to be proud of without taking any extra time - just think how great your house will look and what a great thing you're doing for your body when you tackle a housework exercise routine! (And, if you keep it up, your body is going to look and feel as good as your tidy, fresh house!)

This post was inspired by my day today. I was swamped with work and had clients waiting on articles, plus my house was a wreck from a busy weekend. I couldn't think how to fit in a workout longer than four or five minutes, which I would have done to write about here, but I wanted to share something a bit different. Then, I remembered years ago, when I went to Weight Watchers, one of the ladies asking if housework counted as exercise and the leader saying it did. So, I made up my own house cleaning exercise routine and I have to say, cleaning the house can be a great workout and a total win-win! How about you? Have you ever noticed what a great workout housework can give you?
Laure J

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