Saturday, January 14, 2017

Review of the Series 8 Action Tracker

I've wanted a fitness tracker for a while, and I've been researching the features I want and comparing prices. The cost kind of held me back, but today I found a Series 8 Active Tracker at Five Below and decided to test it out.

Series 8 Action Tracker Fitness Band
Series 8 Action Tracker

I've never had a fitness watch before and I wasn't sure I would keep using it, partly because I am allergic to a lot of watch bands and partly because it seems like something that might be a nuisance after a few days, so I wasn't comfortable spending a lot. So, even though this particular activity tracker didn't have all the features I want, I decided it would be a good model to wear for a while to find out if I like wearing one, plus I get to review it here on Fat and Cranky for you.

The Series 8 Action Tracker

The Series 8 Action Tracker is a Five Below exclusive fitness tracker, and it's kind of bare-bones model, but for five dollars, it does a lot and seems to work exactly as described. My first impression of it is that I really like it.

Features of the Series-8 Action Tracker

When you pull this fitness band out of the box, you set time, your weight, and your stride length, ideally before you put it on.

  • Tracks four key fitness details: It tracks your steps, the number of calories burned, the distance you have walked, and it shows you the time. 
  • Smartphone app available: You can download the Series-8 Action Tracker App from the App store or Google Play, set and track your goals, and enter the data provided by the watch in your phone - this lets you share or compete with your friends via Facebook. (I opted out of that part because it struck me as a little odd, but if competition and sharing inspires you, it's an available feature you can use.)
  • Long Band: I have a fairly large wrist for a woman, and the adjustable band allows for a custom fit, and I could still go more than an inch wider if needed, or much smaller.
  • Easy to See: The LCD display is actually big enough to see without squinting.
  • Latex-free: The strap is sweat-free and latex-free, so it won't make anyone with a latex allergy break out or get sick. 

What the Series-8 Action Tracker Does Not Have

For five dollars, this activity tracker is great and it delivers the basic information you need, but there are features it doesn't have and I want to cover them, too.

  • Does not sync with smartphone: While there is an app that you can use in conjunction with the Series-8 Action Tracker, you have to enter the information yourself. It's easy to do, and not a big deal, but it is a detail you should be aware of before buying.
  • No heart rate monitor: If you work out at a high-intensity level, or if you're new to working out, a heart rate monitor can help you ensure you are working out in the safe - but effective - zone of intensity - but if you check out the Borg perceived intensity scale you can use that, or you can learn to calculate your own heart rate by using the integrated clock.
  • No sleep tracker: A sleep tracker can help you understand how well you sleep, and how long, and it adds to the total fitness information you may want, but its absence in the Series 8 is no big deal. Given the low cost, it isn't going to have every feature that a pricier model delivers.
  • Band is not interchangeable: The tracker is built into the band, and is not interchangeable, so you can't match a band to each outfit. However, at the price, you can buy several for less than many interchangeable bands cost. Updated to add that I found the tracker pops out very easily, but I suspect it is so you can change the battery as I haven't found replacement bands for it anywhere. 
  • No Bluetooth or messaging: Some pricier fitness bands let you know when you have an email, text message, or phone call coming in, and those features are not built into this Series-8 model. 
All-in-all, the Series-8 Action Tracker works well and delivers everything it promises, and it's a great basic fitness tracker.

Series-8 Action Tracker Removed From Band
Series-8 Action Tracker Removed From Band
Thanks for reading about my experience with this fitness band, I hope you find the info useful; and I'll be back with more info on it after I've used it for a few days to let you know how it holds up on an ongoing basis. Have you  ever tried one of these Series-8 trackers, or any kind, if you have and would like to share, I would be thrilled to hear about your experiences.Laure J

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