Thursday, January 5, 2017

Low Intensity Interval Training: Is That a Thing?

Yesterday, I wrote about HIIT, or high intensity interval training, and I planned to try it today, but I woke up achy and decided my overweight body isn't ready for that today, so, while I don't think it's an official fitness term, I put together my own 22-minute low intensity interval training session. 

Low Intensity Interval Training image courtesy of Pixabay

My 22-Minute Low Intensity Interval Training Session

Day 4 of my path to fitness.

I didn't start this workout with a ton of enthusiasm. Like I said, I was achy, and in the past the fourth day of a fitness routine has often been when I gave up. 

So, the fact that I'm sitting here writing about my workout is a good sign, and if you're ready to give up, maybe you could lessen your intensity for today, like I did, and when you get through it, even if you just decide to workout at low intensity for five minutes, you'll have a taste of success and you can feel great about not giving up. 

Here is the summary of this workout, and why it will be effective based on what I know about exercise physiology: 
  • Warm up: To warm up, I danced and took a few deep breaths for 1 minute. I would have done more, but my heart wasn't in it and I was just going to do a light workout.
  • Low intensity intervals: For this part, I alternated a 3-pound dumbbell workout with yoga stretching for about 5 minutes, switched the yoga with dancing intervals and started tightening my core muscles more during the dumbbell portion, then around 15 minutes my muscles started to shake, so I switched to isometric moves and walking in place until I hit 20 minutes. 
  • Cool down: I was so glad to get to the cool down part of this workout, and I stretched my arms and waist, and then I spent extra time stretching my legs and inner thighs, because they were the most sore. 
Properly warming up and cooling down can reduce the muscle soreness you would otherwise feel later, and if you stretch gently so you don't strain your muscles, stretching is also an extremely pleasant part of a workout session. 

If you're joining me in starting a workout plan, be my workout buddy and motivate me or compete with me by telling me about your workout today, whether it was 5-minutes or much longer.Laure J

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