Monday, January 9, 2017

Hydration and Exercise Fitness Goals

My Hydration and Exercise Fitness Goals for Day 8

Hydration and Exercise Fitness Goals
Hydration and Exercise Fitness Goals image courtesy of Pixabay

A little encouragement for anyone who didn't reach their fitness goals today...

I didn't quite reach my Day 8 goal of drinking eight glasses of water and extending the length of my exercise time, but I did drink more water and do more exercise than normal.

  • I made it to six 8-ounce glasses of water when I was trying to do eight.
  • I spent about fifteen minutes dancing around the kitchen while doing housework - but I had planned to do a full half hour and include cardio/dumbbell interval training. 
  • Fifteen minutes dancing was long enough and intense enough to get my heart rate up and make me feel like I had worked my muscles pretty hard, so I'm counting that as a low intensity cardio workout. 

It would be really easy to let myself feel defeated over not managing to do something as basic as drinking water, but it's not a habit I'm in, and I made progress, so I feel good about it, and I'll try harder tomorrow. (Same deal with the exercise - a missed goal or two isn't the end, or doesn't have to be, it's an opportunity to do better the next day and every day going forward.)

How about you?

Did you achieve your fitness goals today?

If you did - good job!
If you didn't achieve your fitness goals today, that's okay - don't get discouraged - just embrace whatever you did do - even if it was just getting mentally psyched - and try harder tomorrow - because if you keep at it, you'll get there! 
Laure J

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