Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Find Weight Loss Motivation That Sticks

Sometimes, starting a new  weight loss and fitness regimen is the easy part - because you're fired up and ready to taste success instead of junk food, but a few days in - that excitement and sense of success can fizzle.

How to Find Weight Loss Motivation That Sticks
How to Find Weight Loss Motivation That Sticks image courtesy of Pixabay

That's when it gets harder to find motivation, and THAT is when you need it most!

How to Find Weight Loss Motivation That Sticks

To succeed at anything, weight loss included, you need to know WHY you are doing it.

  • Psychology Today recommends having a long list of reasons you want to lose weight, and then pulling it out to reread whenever your motivation lags.
  • While a long list is great, I would personally alter that to suggest that you don't need a long list if you have one or two crystal clear reasons. 
  • Maybe you want to avoid a heart attack. 
  • Maybe you want to look good for a class reunion or some other event. 
  • Only you can choose those goals that inspire you, and any reason you have for improving your health and fitness is a good one.
  • For me, I want to be healthier and I want to be able to do active things without getting out of breath. 

In addition to knowing why you want to achieve your goals, remember to reward yourself frequently.

Rewarding yourself for your successes is a suggestion from WebMD, and if you acknowledge the small successes, it's super easy to find things to celebrate.

  • Instead of focusing on your total weight loss goal, if it's a lot, focus on the first five pounds, and when you get there, celebrate that success. 
  • Or, focus on completing your workout, water drinking quota, or dietary goals each meal, and let yourself feel good about every single success, because the more little successes you achieve and celebrate, the closer you are to your ultimate goal.
Understanding why you are exercising and changing your eating habits, plus giving yourself a lot to feel good about, makes it easier to stay motivated. 

Everyone has blah days that make it hard to workout, but - FYI - powering through feels twice as good on those days, so don't give up, and find your inner motivation. You can do this!Laure J

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