Sunday, January 15, 2017

Getting Back to a Fitness Routine After 3 Slacker Days

The past few days have been exactly the type of thing that usually throws me off track with a new fitness routine, so I wanted to share some tips on getting back to a fitness routine after 3 slacker days.

Getting Back to a Fitness Routine After 3 Slacker Days

Everyone has those days sometimes - where you're super busy and you don't fit in a proper workout, but those days don't have to derail your fitness goals.

I actually managed about five to ten minutes each of the three days that I slacked off, but my goals were to increase my workouts at this point, so it felt like a failure when I had reached the end of the day and didn't have time for a full workout.

So, even though it was bedtime, I grabbed my dumbbells and did five minutes of upper body work the first night, then six minutes of leg work and light cardio the second. The third day, I just got in a ten minute walk (which was great because I was testing out my Series 8 Action Tracker to review here on the site.) And, that brings me to today's workout.

Today, I walked for ten minutes at a fast pace, and I added ten minutes of upper body dumbbell work, with three pound weights. Then I stretched and cooled off until the soreness in my shoulders eased off, but I didn't time the cool-down period today.

So, I apologize for the brevity of this post, but I wanted to share in the hope it can inspire you if you feel like you haven't met your own goals, and that it reminds you you haven't failed as long as you don't give up. Never, ever give up, just keep trying - it's worth it.Laure J

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