Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Heck With It!!! When is Rage From Menopause and When it is Caused by Jerks?

Do you ever just want to throw up your hands and say, "The heck with it!!!?"

The Heck With It!!!

We all get there once in a while, but how do you know when that state of ugh is caused by menopause and when it is coming from outside sources.

You know - maybe when your husband thinks you're cranky because you are in menopause, maybe you're really cranky because he's a dolt!

That's not my problem today, though, my dolt moved out over a year ago, and it's been the happiest year of my life!

I highly recommend divorce over blaming menopause - because my moods evened out the day he left and I started sleeping better - of course - that's just me.

So, today, I'm just in a mood to rant - am I bummed that the marriage failed? Sure - it was supposed to last  a lifetime? It didn't. Oh well. Life is better without him.

But, today, well, the last few days really, I have been restless and irritable. I don't know why - I don't care why - I just feel like griping - or crying - or breaking something.

So here I am, on Fat and Cranky, being cranky...

I'd apologize, but the heck with it!!! - I don't want to.

If you read this to end, thanks for sticking by and letting me vent, you're more than welcome to add your own vents to the comment section - I promise I'll read every word.

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