Friday, January 10, 2014

Menopause and Weight Loss Can Kiss My Butt

I was planning on starting out this first post I'm putting up here - for the year - as an article about menopause and weight loss - you know - about sticking to resolutions or reviving them even you've slipped a little already - since it's 10 days into the new year - hey - it happens...

But what I really feel like saying today is - screw it! I'm old enough and strong enough to take the blasts menopause symptoms are giving me - and if anyone (other than me) doesn't like my weight - well, they can refer to the title of this post so they know where to kiss...

Now, I'll be back plenty this year to talk about healthy lifestyles, how I lost and kept off 35 pounds - so far, and ways to ease menopause symptoms. There are even a couple of fact sheets listed in my 2014 publishing schedule - which is really more of  a loose guideline because - well - because that's what it is.

So, enough about my "hey world - deal with it" attitude - how is the year starting out for you? Did you make any resolutions - and if you did, how are they going and is there any way this fat and cranky perimenopausal woman can support your efforts to make your life better?

Just leave a comment below if you feel like answering. If you don't, that's cool too. I hope you have a great 2014, and I hope you'll stop back often to see what's new here and to share your experiences and favorite tips with the rest of us.

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