Friday, January 17, 2014

3 Tasty Foods for Weight Loss and Muscle Building

Whether you're still focusing on a New Year's resolution to get fit, or you're just in the mood to get busy fighting the 'middle age spread', this post on eating tasty foods that help you lose weight is for you.

If foods for weight loss and muscle building make you think of chewing on a cardboard box, I'm here to say - it doesn't have to be like that. Check out this short, easy list of tasty foods that will kick your weight loss efforts into high gear without boring you  to tears.

3 Foods for Building Muscle and Losing Weight

  1. Brown sugar teriyaki glazed chicken - that's right - I said brown sugar. To make this, spray a light coat of non-stick cooking oil in the skillet and pan-fry the chicken till it's almost cooked through. Toss in about 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, a dash of garlic powder, a  dash of white pepper, and about 2 tablespoons soy sauce. Finish cooking the chicken through and serve over steamed vegetables.
  2. Egg white omelette with cubed garlic-chicken and mushrooms - You can also use bits of leftover brown-sugar-teriyaki-glazed-chicken for this - just make the omelette the same way you would make nay omelette. The flavor punch comes from the combination of mushrooms and chicken cooked in garlic and other spices. 
  3. Pita Joes: Use ground lean ground beef, turkey or chicken to make sloppy joes. Serve the lean joes in halved pita bread or even a burrito shell with a fresh salad or your favorite steamed vegetables.
These weight loss-inspired food ideas are great because they are lean protein sources and are loaded with flavor, and taste great when served with most vegetables. 

Let me know what you think if you try them, and feel free to share your own favorite weight loss and muscle building food ideas.

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