Sunday, September 1, 2013

More on Motivational Reading and Exercise for Fitness

On August 10th, I posted about the 25 pounds I had dropped in 9 months just by giving up second helpings, about motivational reading, and about adding some exercises I had found in a Jillian Michaels book. This is just a short update to that post.

I'm still fitting in some motivational reading every day, I've gone through about four motivational books, all great, and now I am also writing down my favorite motivational quotes from each book so I can enjoy them and keep learning from them after I return the books to the library.

Well, back to the fitness part, the first week or so after adding exercises, I added a couple pounds and then dropped back to where I was before I added exercises. I expected the couple extra pounds, as muscles weighs more than fat and small fluctuations are normal anyway. I didn't expect the weight loss to stall though.

Even with no weight change (until today - now I have lost 27.4 pounds - Yeah!) I noticed daily changes in my mood, my body and my face as I built muscle and fat started to melt away faster. Don't get me wrong, I'm still over a healthy weight, but I am grateful for the daily changes, whether the scale shows the difference or not, and while I don't like sharing such personal things, I wanted to share in the hope my story might resonate with someone and inspire positive changes in someone else's life.

So anyway, to help me remember to exercise, and it is working beautifully for me, I put my dumbbells beside my computer where I see them constantly, and I use them everyday - my dumbbells are ten pounders, but if my muscles are tired, I do the exercises with no weights at all, just to move a bit - sometimes I do upper body exercises, presses, curls, and triceps extensions, and other times I get up for a break and do squats, lunges, and calf raises. I also walk a couple times per week - and plan to increase that in the next week or so.

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