Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Motivational Reading and Menopause

I wanted to pop back and chat with you about motivational reading because it can give you an emotional lift when you need it most.

Since I'm trying to improve my fitness level, kick start a business into existence, and get stronger overall, motivational reading provides a great outlet for a sense of strength,.
I already mentioned the Jillian Michaels book I'm reading, and now I want to tell you about an uplifting book I just finished last night, called What's Really Holding You Back? by Valorie Burton.

The book was good enough I took notes, and added the phrase "What's REALLY Holding You back? to my vision board in front of my desk.
My favorite part of the book was that it included worksheets with some very specific questions to help you define the overall vision for the next stage of your life, compared to where you are now.
Is that not perfectly suited to someone going through the change? The change is so much more than just a set of physical changes, and this book is an awesome mental challenge as far as looking at the bigger picture and finding your way successfully to the next phase of your life - and making the most of it.
Do you have a favorite motivational book you would like to tell us about?
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