Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Old Enough to Know Better but Young Enough to Do It Anyway

If you're getting kicked hard by ignoring your hard-earned life lessons and doing the wrong thing anyway, it just means one thing. You're human.

Everybody makes mistakes, but the older you get, the harder the blow is when it's time to pay for them.

You would expect the opposite to be true, but when you hit the menopausal phase, you wonder if the lve you just lost is the last love you'll ever feel, or if the job you just blew is the last good job you'll ever have, or whatever thing went wrong is going to affect the rest of your life negatively.

It gets even worse when you have no one to talk to or anywhere to turn for comfort. Almost everyone has felt this way sometimes, or been there, but knowing that doesn't help one bit.

So, if you're looking for a place where you can share, feel free to tell your story in the comment section below - no real names please - or in the forums when I figure out how to add them.

No one here is interested in judging you, and if any judgemental comments are left in reply to comments, they will be removed.

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