Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Use Domeboro Soak to Clear up a Rash

Anyone who gets exposed to irritants can end up with assorted itchy skin problems or athlete's foot. If you suffer from minor skin irritation and itchiness, a time-tested solution might help heal your skin. Domeboro soak, also commonly called Domeboro Astringent Solution or aluminum acetate astringent, has helped to heal itchy skin problems since it came on the market over 50 years ago.
Some of the skin problems you can treat by using this healing astringent include:
When to Use Domeboro

You have a choice between two ways to use this astringent as a healing agent for mild but persistent rashes. When itchy, red patches form on your skin and even when the rash sticks around, you can apply Domeboro Astringent Solution as a dressing or compress to eliminate the redness or use it as a soak for the affected area.

How to Make a Domeboro Soak

On skin surfaces you can submerge, such as feet or hands, a soak works really well. Choose a basin large enough to submerge the affected area, and pour in two packets of the solution for each quart of water needed to fill the basin. This works with either warm or cold water, but dissolves best and fastest in warm. Submerge the rash in the solution and leave it there for a minimum of 15 minutes and as long as half an hour.

How to Make a Domeboro Compress

When you cannot submerge the affected area, try a Domeboro compress instead of a soak. Mix one packet of Domeboro with 16 ounces of water. Saturate a gauze pad with the solution and gently press it on the irritated area. Leave the compress in place for a minimum of 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes.

Domeboro Precautions

Toss out all leftover solution, do not try to reuse it. Do not use this product on open wounds unless directed by your doctor. Try to keep it out of your eyes and do not swallow the solution. If it gets in your eyes, flush them with cold water. If swallowed, contact your doctor, poison control center, or hospital immediately. Also, if your skin problem comes with extreme dryness or eczema-like symptoms, Domeboro might aggravate the dryness.

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