Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Menopause Cramps: How to Relieve Cramps

Menopause brings a lot of changes to a woman's life, and one of those changes can be menopause cramps.This type of cramping can present as a stomach cramp, in your uterus, or even in your back.  Even if you don't - or didn't previously - normally have light to severe menstrual cramping, hormonal fluctuations during menopause can make your body go haywire.

How to Relieve Cramps

(Just a few ways that might help...)
  • Localized warmth: Place a heating pad or thermal patch directly above the achy area. As the heat soaks into the cramped area, the pain normally lets up, but not always completely.
  • Pain medication: Ibuprofen and herbal pain relief compounds offer fairly quick relief, but if your stomach is sensitive they can cause more discomfort. One of my favorite solutions is a single ibuprofen taken in combination with a localized warmth/heating pad session. When the pain is really severe, it puts me to sleep, but I usually wake up pain-free.
  • All-over warmth: Soaking in a tub of warm water offers all-over relief for stomach cramps caused by menstruation during menopause.
If none of these at-home solutions relieve your pain effectively, it might be time to visit a doctor for some help with cramp relief.

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