Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey Hubbies: Dealing With Menopause Fat and Cranky Style

Dealing With Menopause

I named this blog Fat and Cranky sort of as an example of what I believe the reverse of menopause has to be. In other words, my point is, it can make you feel fat and cranky, but it doesn't have to.

When the people who are supposed to be your support system fail you, though, they probably shouldn't be too shocked when the cranky part kicks in. (Did ya hear that hubbies?)

Here's the deal. Maybe, just maybe, the menopausal woman in your life isn't just getting cranky for the fun of it. Maybe it's not that she's a b!tch like you like to call her. Maybe she's just getting tired of you.

In fact, if you are the kind of person who has EVER called her or ANY woman a b!tch, then you probably deserve to be on the blunt end of a b!tch-fit.

A menopausal woman is not cranky and is not a b!tch. She is a grown up who does not need to be saddled with a person who does not understand the difference between a physical condition and b!tchiness.

Deal with that, you failed support systems!

(I in no way mean to imply that the man in the image is a failed support system and I'm sure he has never called a woman nay of the things mentioned above. I just loved this MorgueFile picture of a frustrated man.)

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